New Volunteer Wanted – Norlane Food Swap

2 & 5 Shop – New Produce Arriving Weekly

The Crunch program is well underway. This week I met with our mentors and started to put together an action plan for Food Skil. So expect Food Skil’s business plan to change substantially over the coming months – this is a positive step forward for Food Skil and I can’t wait to unveil our hard work in the coming months.

This week, we have seen two new food additions to the shop :
– Pear chutney (thanks to the Jam Group)
– Labna cream cheese that is made from organic milk

In the coming weeks the shop will also be stocking fresh beetroot – this will be just in time for the warmer spring weather. Fresh beetroot is ideal as a healthy addition to sandwiches and wraps. Or if you would like to be more creative you could also make a beetroot dip!

Did you know that we stock more than just fresh produce? We also stock white rice, brown rice, sultanas, red lentils, chick peas, rolled oats, organic flour and couscous. We also stock a range of jams, including carrot jam, grapefruit marmalade, onion jam and plum jam. These are just some of the items that we stock, but I’m sure there’s more in store that may tantalise your taste buds.

Do you (or anyone you know) have a spare hour per month? We are currently recruiting for a new volunteer for the Norlane Food Swap. The Norlane Food Swap occurs the second Tuesday of every month and would require a friendly volunteer to chat to Food Swap attendees and let them know what the Food Swap is and how it is helping our community. Contact me for further information.

Until next time, keep healthy and remember your 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables a day.


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