Foodskil attends Food Security Network meeting and receives visit from prospective mayoral candidate

Jam Making: Trish Mackenzie and Liz Hines

This week I attended G21’s Food Security Network meeting. The meeting included representatives from Foodbank Vic, Bellarine Community Health, CoGG, Barwon Health (Community Kitchens) and Time for Youth. At the meeting I met with Melanie from Time for Youth and discussed how to engage with the youth better. I also discussed with other network members how they are reducing food insecurity and what resources the network has produced to assist people who are affected by poor food security. These meetings really show us that Food Skil is making a difference and our activities are having a positive impact on the community.It’s also nearly that time of year for the Geelong Show. This year, I thought since we produce our own jams and pickles, we should enter them in the Geelong Show! I’m currently working on their entry, so not only is this an opportunity for them to be exposed to the entire Geelong region, but I’m sure our tasty creations will also entice people to buy them from our various 2&5 outlets.This week we also had a visit from Keith Fagg. Keith is one of the prospective mayoral candidates and heard about Food Skil through local counsellor and board member, Kylie Fisher. Keith dropped into our 2&5 Shop to introduce himself, find out what we have been up to, and what projects we will be undertaking in the near future. It was a lovely surprise and we always welcome visitors to our shop and are more than happy to tell you about Food Skil!

Until next time, keep happy and healthy and remember your 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables a day.


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