Busy Week for Food Skil-New Markets a success

We have been flat chat this week at Food Skil. We started two new markets at Primary Schools in Corio and Norlane.

Tuesday-We were at St Thomas Aquinuas, Norlane. The kids were really excited and had done posters and banners for the event (pictures on our facebook site). Amanda Stirret from the Food Security Network came and ran a Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry demo. Yum. The smells brought in the customers. Two sudanese mums were most impressed and offered to do a cooking demonstration of sudanese food. We also had a visit from the local Dorethy Thompson Seniors centre. They loved the home made jams and relishes. We loved the market at this school. Amanda enjoyed herself so much she palns to do another cooking demo next month.

Wednesday-We were at Hendy Street Hall, right next to Northern Bay Campus. Hendy Street Hall is also part of Rosewall Neighbourhood House. Shoestring Gardening did a No-Dig Gardening hands on workshop in the school vegie garden. We had customers from the U3A, university of the third age, and the Rosewall computing class as well as parents. I suspect we will have more next week. What was the best seller. The strawberries and the fruit salad.

Thursday-We had a group from the Dorethy Thompson Centre come and visit the Cloverdale Market. Go seniors. and thank you Rose de Kook from Barwon Health for organising this.

The schools markets has been helped by

Family School Partnerships


The Catholic Education Office Family School Partnership initiative is federally funded under Smarter Schools National Partnerships.

The initiative provides evidence-based practice that supports families, schools and community working together for the benefit of well-being, achievement and life chances of our children.  The work of the Family School Partnership Convenor includes building capacity for school staff to work with families and community organisations.  At St Francis Xavier in Corio, the school liaised with Ardoch Youth Foundation, Downer Engineering and interested families to build a raised garden bed for each of the 9 classes.  The garden forms the basis for learning activities in the Year 3/4 area.


The 2 & 5 Fresh Food Market reflects the principles of Family School Partnerships.  It connects families to school whilst providing opportunities for learning through purposeful engagement.  The role of the Family School Partnership Convenor will be to participate in planning and implementation of the 2&5 Fresh Food Market Stall and to follow up any further opportunities to engage families in learning.  St Thomas Aquinas is committed to strengthening partnerships that bring families, school and community together for learning.

Best Start

The Best Start project in the City of Greater Geelong has been effective in engaging local services and agencies and developing a strong, productive partnership model that is focused on the specific communities of Corio-Norlane in Geelong’s northern suburbs. This community is characterized by relative socio-economic disadvantage and higher than average rates of developmental vulnerability compared with average benchmarks generally for children across Geelong.

The Corio-Norlane Best Start Partnership commenced as an initial pilot project in 2003, and operates under the auspice of the City of Greater Geelong funded by Department Early Edcuation Child Development (DEECD).

The Corio-Norlane Best Start Linking Schools & Early Years Partnership develops  joint work and participation of relevant partnering early years support services and education providers.

The shared vision of Corio Norlane Best Start partnership is:

‘Every child in Corio and Norlane has the opportunity to have the Best Start in life’

The purpose of the partnership is to be inclusive of and support local partnering organisations early years initiatives (existing and new). It is anticipated that this will enable the community to have a greater positive impact for local children and families, contributing to better outcomes for children.

The development of offering fresh food markets at local primary schools in Corio and Norlane promotes a Best Start initiative of encouraging healthy choices to families and children. The school hosting the markets creates an inclusive environment for families to socially connect and engage with the school, strengthening families’ relationships with their community.

Why is Food Skil successful-COLLABERATION

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